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This Association was organized in 1872. With this Association  coming into being things began to move rapidly in every area of Christian activities. At once men like Elder James Poindexter, Elder E.H. Stewaret, P.J. Fossett, J.M. Meeks, and W.H. Rickman, came to the forefront. These men sowed  preparedness and much concern about the rest of the brethren. The whole area from Urbana to Zanesville, was covered by these brethren. Seemingly, overnight the Eastern Union became the center of activity for all of the then existing  Association. In fact, it was then, the General Association was brought into being, long before it was know as the Ohio Baptist Convention. In this new wilderness, these brethren found potentials for education, mission and mutual help. Practically all the safeguards for personal security and all the modern programming took shape in the minds and hearts of these men. Eastern Union, aside from its fraternal and paternal relationship with other Associations and churches outside of the Associations, became the mecca for ministerial education.

Elders James Poindexter, Starks, J.M. Meeks, W.H. Stewart, Fox Shelton and names too numerous to mention, formed  and army of educators dedicated to the education and welfare of their brethren. These men had prophetic vision and apostolic zeal. This fellowship came to all the Associations alike. The Providence, Western Union and Eastern Union teamed up in an institute for the ministers, which was the forerunner of the organization of the State Body later known as the General Associate and still as the Ohio Baptist Convention.

Among the leading spirits as Moderators, Presidents, and Leaders in this great association that are no longer with us were Elder James Poindexter, Elder Starks, Elder Shelton, who served both in the Eastern and Western Union  Associations, Elder Phillips, H.H. Teague, B.R. Smith, J.H. Burks and Reverend J.W. Ashburn. Also, Dr. E.W. Moore, Dr. Nollie Scarborough, Rev. H.H. Teague, Rev. R.F. Hairston, Sr., Rev. George Washington, Rev Jacob Ashburn, Rev Sandy Ray, Dr. James W. Parrish, Rev. Frank C. Cleveland, Rev. L.H. Johnson, Rev. B.L. Brantley, Rev. A.M. Thomas, Dr. Percy Carter, Dr. H Beecher Hicks, and Dr. E.A. Parham.

During the Mid-Year Session of The Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association, May 3, 1979, held at the Pleasant Green Baptist Church of Portsmouth, OH, Moderator Charles Nobel several recommendations, one of which was to establish a Bible College - The Eastern Union Bible College. The recommendation was adopted. The following persons were appointed to serve: Dr. E.A. Parham President, Dr. Leon Troy, Vice President, Dr. I.T. Brantley, Academic Dean, Dr. A. Wilson Wood, Acting Secretary and Bursar, Dr. Percy Carter, Old Testament Professor, Dr. Charles Booth, Assistant Old Testament Professor, Dr. I.T. Bradley, New Testament Professor, Dr. Keith Troy, Assistant New Testament Professor, Rev. A.L. Mason, Baptist Doctrine Professor, Dr. A. Wilson Wood, Assistant Baptist Doctrine Professor, Dr. Odell Waller, Church History Professor, Dr. G. Thomas Turner, Assistant Church History Professor and DR. C.W. Noble, Chairman of Trustee.

On March 5, 1983, The Eastern Union Assembly Grounds was purchased. The purpose of the Assembly Ground was for retreats, conferences and educational programs to enhance the work of the local and major assembles of The Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association. Many retreats, conferences and seminars were held at this location during the early and mid-eighties. However, due to the challenges of the nineties and the cost of upkeep of the property, the Association had no other choice but to sell the property.

In this 21st Century the Eastern Union is blessed to have four Past Moderators, Dr. Donald Washington, Dr. Harold Hudson, Dr. John S. Little and Dr. Vincent L. Golden, Sr. still working to keep the spirit of the Association alive.

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